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Pantum Launches Elite Pro Series: High-Speed A4 Monochrome Printers for Fast-Paced Office Environments


Pantum, a front-runner in printing technology, is excited to announce the launch of its Elite Pro A4 Monochrome Printer Series, specifically engineered to meet the evolving needs of Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and enterprise users. Crafted with innovation and user-friendliness in mind, these printers offer exceptional performance and convenience, reshaping printing experiences in the workplace.


The Elite Pro series offers a comprehensive suite of single- and multi-function mono laser printers, equipped with advanced features tailored to enhance office efficiency:


Boosted Productivity with Safe Printout

- 42PPM High-Speed Printing: Accelerates productivity with rapid printing speeds, ensuring swift completion of tasks and projects.

- Automatic Duplex Printing: Reduces paper consumption with automatic double-sided printing, promoting eco-friendly practices and cost savings.

- One-Touch Scanning with DADF: Multi-function models are equipped with a standard Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF), streamlining document scanning with automatic scanning on both sides.

- Quick First Paper Out Time: Minimizes wait times with a lightning-fast first-page printout time of just 5.9 seconds, keeping workflow smooth and uninterrupted.

- High-Security Protection: Fortifies the corporate network with the support for 802.1x, LDAP, and Kerberos protocols guaranteeing secure document transmission.

Elite Pro printers are ideal for busy office environments where speed and productivity are paramount, enabling users to tackle high-volume printing tasks with ease and agility while maintaining high standards of data transfer protection.


Seamless Installation and Compatibility

- Driver-Free Installation for Windows: Provides smooth setup with driver-free installation for Windows 10 and 11, ensuring uninterrupted integration into existing systems.

- Simplified Installation for MacOS: Enables a one-step setup on Mac systems, allowing for effortless connectivity.        

- Support for Multiple Operating Systems: Ensures compatibility across various platforms, including ChromeOS and other Linux-based operating systems, for enhanced flexibility and accessibility.

Perfect for businesses with diverse IT environments, Pantum Elite Pro printers provide flawless integration and compatibility across different operating systems without compromising on performance or functionality.


Versatile Connectivity Options

- Bluetooth Connectivity: Enables fluid connection across multiple devices with the Bluetooth distribution functionality.

- Dual-Band Wi-Fi: Accesses reliable and fast wireless networks with support for 2.4G/5G dual-band Wi-Fi modes, ensuring connectivity in any environment.

- Mobile Printing Support: Print from smartphones and tablets with ease using AirPrint, Mopria, and the Pantum APP, enhancing mobility and convenience.

Catering to modern work dynamics, where employees require flexible printing solutions, the Elite Pro series enables printing from any device at any time.


Enhanced Paper Handling and Consumables Longevity

- Maximum Paper Loading Capacity: Accommodates large printing jobs with ease, thanks to a maximum paper loading capacity of 1410 sheets, minimizing user intervention.

- Support for Various Paper Media: Prints on a variety of paper media, including envelopes and cards, to meet the diverse needs of office environments.

- High-Volume Consumables: Reduces maintenance downtime with separate drum units and toner cartridges of impressive print capacity, ideal for high-volume printing environments.

The Elite Pro series is perfect for businesses with demanding printing requirements, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and cost-effective printing solutions.


"We are excited to introduce the Elite Pro Series, designed to empower SMB and enterprise users with unmatched efficiency and convenience," said Jim Zhan, the Product Department Manager of Pantum International Limited. "With its advanced features, seamless connectivity options, and robust paper handling capabilities, the Elite Pro series is poised to redefine printing experiences in the workplace."


The Pantum Elite Pro A4 Monochrome Printer Series is now available for purchase, providing SMBs and enterprise users with a powerful and reliable printing solution that meets the demands of today's fast-paced business environment.

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