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Pantum After-sales Service Policy

1.General Provisions: 

All Pantum Printer products and their ancillary products or derivatives purchased or given away in overseas regular sales channels of Pantum, which have problems listed in relevant consumer rights and Interests Protection laws and regulations, it's all in service. 


2.Commitment : 

Based on the National Product sales related consumer rights and Interests Protection laws and regulations as the premise, to provide quality after-sales service, can do the relevant personalized adjustment. 

Note: only relaxation of service scope adjustment 


3. Service definition: 

3.1.The replacement period: existing in the warranty period, the authorized service center is determined to be non-man-made fault, reference to the corresponding laws and regulations, can be replaced service, the replacement time is within 7 days from the date of the sale of the product, with valid purchase invoices in exchange for the new machine, 

3.2.Warranty period: The period of time during which a manufacturer promises to provide free repair and maintenance to a customer in the event of a failure due to quality problems, the product is usually under warranty for one year from the date of sale (subject to invoice) .


4. Replacement: 

(1) Within the warranty period of the printer, if there is a performance failure listed in the maintenance manual, it is determined by the authorized service center to be a non-man-made failure, and within 7 days from the date of sale of the product, replacement of a new printer with the relevant sales certificate 

(2) After the expiration of the replacement period but still within the warranty period, the Pantum authorized experience center or Pantum Authorized Service Station provides free maintenance services for customers. 


5. Warranty: 

(1) In the printer warranty period, the maintenance manual listed in the performance failure, the end user can use the relevant sales certificate to Pantum Authorization Service Experience Center or Pantum Authorization Service Station, free repair after detection of non-man-made failure 

(2) After the warranty period, after the customer pays for the repair of the printer, for the paid location, by the service provider to issue a maintenance certificate can extend the warranty for 30 days (become the warranty period) .





Warranty time 

Main machine 


One year from the date of purchase (inclusive)



One year from the date of purchase (inclusive),confirm warranty will refer to the policy 

Note: The warranty period indicated in this table shall be in accordance with one-year warranty period. If the laws of the host country have specific requirements for after-sale products, the laws and regulations of the host country shall prevail.


7. Certificate of after-sale Service:

A) Within the validity period of the service, the consumer shall enjoy the right of repair and replacement in accordance with these provisions. 

B) If the purchase certificate can not be provided, according to the machine body number (SN) show the factory date + 90 days for the service validity of the start date for free maintenance processing. 

End-of-service period: end-of-service date refers to the time when the customer delivers the machine to the service center and returns the machine to the customer after repair. Holiday time should be deducted.


8.Quality Failure Warranty period: 

In the service validity period, such as the printer quality problems, by the repairman free repair. The Repairman shall ensure that the repaired printer commodities can be used normally for more than 30 days, and in case of overlap with the warranty period, the longer date shall prevail.


9.Replacement Warranty period:

After replacement, the validity period of the printer's The Adjuster shall be recalculated from the date of replacement. By the seller in the purchase certificate back signature, indicating the replacement date.


10. Paid maintenance: 

In the following cases, Pantum and its service center will not provide free warranty services, related maintenance activities need to reasonably charge terminal customers materials and maintenance fees 

(1) Beyond the service validity; 

(2) There is no service certificate or valid purchase certificate, except those that can prove that the goods of the printer are within the period of validity of the service; 

(3) Damage caused by failure to use or maintain the product as required by the product Operation Manual; failure or damage caused by incorrect installation, operation or use in a non-product specified working environment 

(4) Damage caused by private demolition or private repair; Repair and modification of repair stations and service centers not authorized by Pantum;

 (5) Malfunctions or damages caused by using unqualified or non-original Pantum cartridges or shared servers 

(6) Malfunctions, incompatibilities or non-conformities arising from use in non-purchasing countries 

(7) Liquid ingress, dampness or mildew; 

(8) In addition to the main parts of the equipment listed in laws and regulations, the auxiliary parts and other parts of the equipment are out of order; 

(9) Because of damage caused by force majeure;

Additional Note: Some Machine Service policy changes due to the company's policy adjustments, in accordance with the company's latest policy shall prevail.



1, The printer produces heat, smoke, smell, abnormal sound and other circumstances, please immediately cut off the power and information staff contact. 

2. No other items on the printer. When the printer is out of use for a long time, please pull the power plug out of the power socket. 

3. Pull the plug from the socket when there is thunder nearby just in case. If it's plugged in, there's a chance the machine could be damaged.

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